ABC’s V takes shots at Government?

2 12 2009

I caught the first few episodes of the new hit tv show V this week. I had never been aware of the original 1980’s version of V so I had no idea what to expect from this show. I was very surprised at what I saw. V not only re-introduces the Reptilian alien conspiracy to television but is chalked full of subliminal messaging and government conspiracy.

Shape-shifting reptilian aliens known as Visitors come to earth and claim that they will trade advanced alien technology for a mineral that is abundant on earth but scarce on the reptilian’s home planet. I wonder if David Icke is a fan of the show. 🙂

Anyone half awake who watched the premier of V would have noticed the parallels between the shows plot and the current state of government. Here is a tube video I found of a collection of Conservative Fox News reporters praising the show for it’s obvious mocking of President Obama:

Here is what wikipedia says about the original mini-series on which this ABC version is based on:

Series creator Kenneth Johnson has said that the story was inspired by the 1935 novel It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis. Also, several scenes from the original TV pilot resemble the Bertolt Brecht play The Private Life of the Master Race. A short story by Damon Knight entitled To Serve Man (later adapted into an episode of The Twilight Zone) had a similar theme of deceptively friendly aliens secretly cultivating humans for food.

In a commentary track on the DVD release of the mini-series, Johnson reveals that V was originally intended as a straightforward political thriller, charting the rise of a fascist movement in the United States. However, NBC wanted a sci-fi hit, to capitalize on the success of films such as Star Wars.

The story became a Nazi allegory, right down to the Swastika-like emblem used by the Visitors and their SS-like uniforms. There is a youth auxiliary movement called the “Friends of the Visitors” with obvious similarities to the Hitler Youth, and Visitor broadcasts mimic Nazi-era propaganda. The show’s portrayal of human interaction with the Visitors bears a striking resemblance to stories from Occupied Europe during World War II with some citizens choosing collaboration and others choosing to join underground resistance movements.

Where the Nazis persecuted primarily Jews, the Visitors were instead depicted to persecute scientists, their families, and anyone associating with them. They also distribute propaganda in an effort to hide their true identity. Some of the main characters in the initial series were from a Jewish family and the grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, frequently commented on the events of the past again unfolding. Once they are in a position to do so, the Visitors later declare martial law to control the scientists (and resistance fighters) as well.

Could this show really be a anti-New World Order story or will it turn out to be a white wash of government conspiracy as the show develops. I’m interested in seeing how close to the original series ABC keeps this one. Time will tell.

A side note:

This show is very lame. The acting is some of the worst I’ve seen in awhile and the characters are very shallow. The only reason I will be keeping an eye on it is because of my curiosity into why the show is even being allowed to air.