“Government Spying: If I’ve done nothing wrong I have nothing to fear…right?”

14 01 2010

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” -Thomas Jefferson

If you have nothing to hide what’s wrong with the government spying on you? If that’s what it takes to keep us free from terrorist attacks, then why not?

So, they can do anything to protect us? “ANYTHING” –strip search our wife and kids in public?

If you have nothing to hide, who cares if they use naked body scanners at the airport, I don’t go to the airport anyway. If they’re doing it to protect us from those nasty terrorists’ well then okay -anything to defeat the enemy.

I don’t really care if they listen to my private conversations, tap my cell phone and upload the content of my computer files at night, I haven’t done anything wrong. Who needs the fourth amendment?

Obama expands Bush’s illegal wire-tapping

F.B.I. can listen to your phone conversations even when phone is turned off.

And if they decide to do random house to house searches in the middle of the night, well sounds like fun!

If they decide to break my second amendment right to own a gun (to protect myself and my family) well after all it’s probably for my own good. They have crime under control. Right!

If they decide to shut down the internet for a couple of months or just my favorite sites, that will be ok, who needs Youtube, Twitter or Facebook? Terrorists could be using those sites and censorship has worked so well for China, Iran and North Korea, that will give me a chance to read a book… I hope.

Obama has the power to shut down the internet!

If they were to enact mandatory curfews and restrict me to my neighborhood or home I could live with that I guess, anything to preserve freedom here at home!!!

And if they arrest me for disagreeing with the government or public officials, well I guess I had it coming. We should leave that kind of stuff to the experts…tv and movie stars.

Once I have my new implanted tracking device with that cute taser add-on for free of course, I won’t ever have to worry about getting lost in my restricted area or better yet, I won’t have to worry about slipping up and giving out some secret information to those terrorist friends of mine, whoever they might be. If they turn off my tracking device, because I said or did something that might be wrong, I won’t have to worry about being able to eat or pay my bills, great an instant weight loss program.

Give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile.



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