Can HAARP technology explain Lights over Norway?

12 12 2009

Recently a strange light pattern was seen for a few minutes over Norway. Video and pictures were taken and the event was reported all over the news. Some media outlets made the claim that the lights appeared to be a failed Russian missile launch which the Russians initially denied but later confirmed. Can a failed Russian missile launch explain these light patterns and if so is there any other examples of these light patterns caused by a failed missile launch that we can compare this one to? I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find even one single pic that looks anything even similar to the Norway lights that can be confirmed to be a failed missile launch. And doesn’t it seem odd that the Russians can test fire missiles this close to where hundreds of world leaders are meeting for the Copenhagen treaty without catching flack from the U.N.?

I think a more likely explanation for the Norway lights is the testing of HAARP technology. Here is a short but shocking look into what HAARP is capable of:

HAARP was partly invented by Bernard Eastlund who later claimed to regret his hand in creating what he feared was weather modification weapon. After the Pentagon bought this technology from HAARP Eastlund was let go from his position at the Alaskan Research facility. This is what wikipedia says about the Eastlund controversy:

The objectives of the HAARP project became the subject of controversy in the mid-1990s, following some scientists claims that the antennae could be used as a weapon. These concerns were amplified by Eastlund, who developed some of the concepts behind the HAARP in the 1980s and proposed using high-frequency radio waves to beam large amounts of power (100 GW) into the ionosphere, energizing its electrons and ions in order to disable incoming missiles and knock out enemy satellite communications. Eastlund stated, “Regarding safety. I believe it is the paramount issue. Unless these applications can be shown to be safe no experimentation should be initiated. My Company has adopted safety guidelines which include guidelines prepared by the NAS for global warming mitigation experiments and a few that were added to ensure that the systems are not used for military purposes.” Subsequently, a small group of American physicists aired complaints in scientific journals, charging that the HAARP could be seeking ways to blow other countries’ spacecraft out of the sky or disrupt communications over large portions of the planet. The physicist critics of the HAARP have had little complaint about the project’s current stage, but have expressed fears that it could in future be expanded into an experimental weapon.

The US military became interested in the idea as an alternative to the laser-based Strategic Defense Initiative. However, Eastlund’s ideas were eventually dropped as SDI itself mutated into the more limited National Missile Defense of today. The contractors selected to build HAARP have denied that any of Eastlund’s patents were used in the development of the project. HAARP could not possibly operate in the mode Eastlund suggested. A quick review of Eastlund’s patent and HAARP specifications will demonstrate that HAARP cannot deliver enough energy at a low enough frequency to make Eastlund’s plan work.

After the physicists raised early concerns, the controversy was stoked by local activism. In September 1995, a book entitled Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology by the teacher Nick Begich, Jr., son of the late Congressman Nick Begich, claimed that the project in its present stage could be used for “geophysical warfare.” The HAARP has subsequently become a target for those who have suggested that it could be used to test the ability “to deliver very large amount of energy, comparable to a nuclear bomb, anywhere on earth,” “changing weather patterns,” “blocking all global communications,” “disrupting human mental processes” and mind control.

I think that this technology being used by HAARP can explain many ufo sightings as well as other strange lights seen in other parts of the world. It’s possible that the government is already using this technology to modify the weather which could also explain the increasing amount of natural disasters happening every year around the globe.

Recommended watching: HAARP Conspiracy Theory on TruTv hosted by Jessie Ventura:



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