The Problems with the Patriot Movement

5 11 2009


This week I posted an article called “The Fed is not a virgin” which explained that the term, “the fed has never been audited” is false and that perpetuating the myth is hurting our cause to end the Fed completely. The Fed has been audited (as explained in the article) though not properly or transparently. When I posted a link the Fed article at the PrisonPlanet forum I expected some resistance. What I didn’t expect is to be banned for it. That’s right, the good, honest people at PrisonPlanet banned me for my article. Not only is this extreme hypocrisy but it shows that the people who run that forum either can’t read or didn’t understand the article in question and thus abused their power by banning me.

One of the main points of the Fed article was to show that detail and articulation are two keys to unlocking the minds of the uninformed. When trying to make people aware of a certain scandal or conspiracy it always helps to know what you are talking about. It does more harm to blab about something you haven’t truly researched on your own and get details wrong than saying nothing at all. People don’t respond well to threats or fear mongering or extreme over-simplifications of truth. People respond to facts that can be demonstrated before their very eyes.

The Federal Reserve audit debate is a perfect example of this. How can one expect to be taken seriously when his claims can be disproved with a simple google search? Getting one detail wrong can be enough to make the skeptical sleeper turn his back on the whole thing completely for if you tell somebody that the Fed has never been audited and they believe you, go home to research it and find that the Fed in reality has been audited, they are not going to believe anything else you tell them after that no matter how true it is.

The protesters on the corner telling people the Fed has never been audited (who actually believe that) are destroying the reputability and credibility of our movement towards justice. There is a big difference between saying “the Fed has never been audited” to someone who has already done the research than saying it to someone who has not done the research. To the informed, the phrase is a shorthand explanation of the issue. To the uninformed the phrase is a myth.

One of the problems with our movement is that we don’t all do the research. Most of the people in our movement rely on those like Alex Jones or Alan Watt to do the research for them which is fine until you start trying to convince others without having done the research yourself. Alex Jones and other leaders of this movement aren’t perfect and they admit that consistently because they want listeners to do the research themselves. We seem to think that watching an Alex Jones dvd is doing the research. This is false. You must check sources and look into things firsthand if you expect to be taken seriously.

Another problem with our movement is that many of us are very gullible and will believe pretty much anything from reptilian aliens to outdated religious ideas. I’ve noticed there are many, many racists and bigots in our movement. From the Jewish conspiracy all the way to the homosexual takeover of our society, these are illogical, outdated ideas that make all of us look bad. You can find an infestation of these types of people at the PrisonPlanet forum. These people hurt our cause severely, they take the truth and wrap it in a big ball of shit which people can smell a mile away. For those of us who are Alex Jones fans, think of the youtube clip of Alex talking about David Icke a few years back. He says the same thing. He refers to David Icke as a shill who “takes a dump  in the fruit punch.” Though I don’t believe that Icke is a shill I do believe that he has done his research and knows why he believes what he believes while many his followers have not done the research and end up sounding like nutcases when they try to explain Icke’s ideas. There is a big difference between being wrong and being ignorant.

So, I’m not mad or upset at the good, honest moderators at PrisonPlanet for their overly hypocritical censorship of me and my article. No, I’m upset that our movement has come to this. The reason it has come to this is because the movement is getting bigger and the bigger it gets the more compromised those on top will become. It’s our job to keep them in check when they step out of line. From here on out I will be circulating, around the web, the fact that PrisonPlanet has become compromised by its high position and needs to be put back in check……..or was it always compromised from the start? I honestly believe that it hurts our cause to have the uniformed visiting such a place as the PrisonPlanet forums and I will do my best to make sure they become aware of this.



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