Men who stare at Pyramids

3 11 2009

So I was surfing CNN this morning and noticed an ad on their homepage for the movie Men Who Stare at Goats. I clicked on the ad to watch the film trailer which took me to the website for the film. Check out the ad poster and tell me if anything seems strange:

If you missed it, notice the small banner at the bottom of the ad. Join the New Earth Army with an all seeing eye within’ a pyramid? Here is a closer look:

Does anyone have any info on this?


Somebody brought to my attention the additional propaganda in the film’s movie poster. See the big pyramid and Eye in the background?

Also, you can now buy your very own pro-Illuminati mind control propaganda in the form of a t-shirt here



2 responses

5 11 2009
Seditious Blasphemer

Call me cynical, but these images brings the phrase, “NOT funny” to mind.

5 11 2009

To the globalists manipulation and lies are hilarious. No wonder this movie is a comedy. 🙂

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